In the world where Windows has been the monopoly of the horizons of Information Technology has always Linux is ranked in the world of technology, and has only been able to achieve a share of Microsoft’s customer base. However, many website owners and web hosting companies actually in favor of working with Linux compared to Windows.

Some of the reasons that make Linux superior to Windows are reliability, safety and practicality. These three factors, which constitute the backbone of a dedicated Web server unanimously are provided by Linux Dedicated Web Hosting.

In fact, Linux Dedicated Web Hosting has made a success in hosting world that is now used in the dialect as a generic term for many UNIX-based operating systems still in existence.

Profitability is one of the most important aspects considered by anyone who is considering getting dedicated web hosting server. If you are driving a comprehensive e-business, or hosting a student forum online, money is always a factor that counts. This makes Linux Dedicated Web Hosting the best option.

Since the majority of distributions dedicated server is free of charge, which is an attack on the Windows dedicated server demanding special license for every piece of Microsoft software used. Using Linux saves money, which could be used to buy better hardware that is the foundation of any IT project.

The reliability and safety are the qualities reputation of Linux hosting facilities. Linux hosting servers are renowned for smooth operation for months without rebooting the system, which is not the case with other dedicated servers that require rebooting the system even after upgrading the operating system or software for simple installation. Restart is not a big problem for users of home computers, but for a large e-commerce site like Amazon could mean losing a large part of income.

Today the cyber world is the field of viruses and malware. Not only the servers crash, but also corrupt the data permanently, and even steal sensitive information from the server. It is documented that in 2006, there were 1,000 newly discovered virus for windows, but so far it has not even been found 100 viruses for Linux.

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