A computer may be the best tool we have to do all your work easier. In addition, a team may be the best entertainment center that you can use to watch a movie, listening to music or playing video games. But you will not get all the benefits if the accident was due to computer viruses, Trojans, malware, worms and other threats that you can get from the source of many. You can be the Internet, and other removable drive. Therefore, you must have a good defense against all attacks. And here the antivirus has an important role. But to find the best antivirus that can protect your computer and all important files saved on it, not only function that has the antivirus or price, but it is also necessary to find the virus that match your computer. Therefore, if you’re a Linux user, you must use antivirus software to Linux.

We all know that Linux is one of the best OS (operating system) that has the best defense against viruses and other attacks threat. But if that happens, you still need antivirus for Linux. It is necessary in case the new virus variant which has greater attack that can also penetrate your Linux defense. But it is also necessary to choose the perfect antivirus for Linux. Most problems that occur in installing antivirus on Linux is a kernel problem.

There are many antivirus for Linux you can find on the market such as Kaspersky, Avira, and others. You can get the free version or trial. But if you want to get better protection, it is better if you have the full version. Therefore, even for the attack virus-free operating system like Linux, you still need antivirus use for extra protection. So, you can feel comfortable in using the computer and the important file will be protected safely.

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